Thursday, September 27, 2012

Now we can complain about the normal officiating crews

The NFL and the original game time officials have finally reached a labor deal, but not until after that debacle of a call on Monday Night Football. I challenge every football fan to be just as critical with the normal officiating staff as they were with the replacement refs starting with tonight's game. After 3 weeks of listening to players, coaches, and fans criticize the replacement officials, I couldn't help but wonder if we are critical of the actual calls being made on the field, or the lack of consistency that we are used to. Normally, players and coaches would already know what they could and could not do come game time depending on the officiating crew that was responsible for over seeing that game. Managers, pitchers, catchers, and batters know the dimensions of the strike zone depending on which umpire is behind the plate that night. They know low strikes will be called before their first at bat. Any way, just glad things are back to normal.


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